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funny stories

BaddTeddy's Greatest Adventures

This is a true story. A sad story, but it was just so unusual and weird that I thought that it was worth sharing.

A few years back my sister (Ginny) and I were driving through Brown County State Park in Southern Indiana. It was about 2 am on Thanksgiving weekend. My sister was driving her new car. She had only been driving for two years and only had the car a few days. She wasn't used to handling it. It was dark. The road was surrounded by trees. There were branches and leaves over the top of the road. It was like driving through a tunnel except that the road kept winding back and forth, back and forth. It would have been a perfect set for a Friday the Thirteenth movie.

Anyway, we're going around a corner, when my sister screams, slams on the brakes and I feel/hear a thump. I had been looking out the side window and didn't know what had happened. But, I had a bad feeling that we had hit something.

My sister started crying. She kept saying" I hit it! I hit it! Oh my God, I hit it! I'm so sorry", etc. I tried calming her down but nothing would work. Finally, dreading what I might find, I opened my door and walked around behind the car.

On the ground was a rabbit (or as my sister calls them - bunnies). It was laying on it's side. It was having convulsions. I didn't see much blood, but I figured it for a goner anyway. 

About this point my sister comes around the car and sees the rabbit/bunny laying on the ground. She starts crying her head off. I didn't know what to say or do. I mean, what can you say?

For once in my life I was speechless. I put my arm around her and tried to console her. She just kept crying. I didn't know what to do. The rabbit/bunny was still suffering. I didn't think it would live, but I didn't have the heart to stop it's suffering, especially with my sister watching. I really honestly didn't know what to do. I just stood there with a dumb look on my face trying to think of something to say to console my little sister.

About this time an air of head lights came around the corner. The car was moving fast and I was afraid the driver hadn't seen us because of the trees and the winding roads.

At the last second the driver slammed on the brakes and pulled to a stop behind our car. The driver of the sports car (a woman about thirty years old) got out and asked if we were OK. I tried to explain about the rabbit/bunny, but couldn't find a way to say it without upsetting my sister even more.

The woman walked up and looked where I was standing. She saw the rabbit/bunny at my feet. Once again, I tried to find the right words to explain how upset my sister was, but just ended up mumbling something that probably made no sense at all.

She bent over and examined the rabbit/bunny for a few seconds. I tried to explain that I needed to do something to help put the rabbit out of it's misery, and that my sister would never forgive herself if we just drove off. Obviously, taking it with us and having it die in the car would also be a mistake. I kept fumbling for words.....

The lady stood up and said, "It's OK, I know what to do". Before I could ask her what she meant she started walking back towards her car. My sister and I looked at each other ... both of us wondering what the woman meant when she said she knew what to do. My sister probably thought the woman was a nurse or veterinarian. Me, I thought maybe she had a gun and planned on letting the rabbit stop suffering. I got apprehensive thinking about my sister's reaction.

The lady from the sports car walked back and got her keys out of the ignition. She walked around to the back of her car. She stuck in the keys and opened the trunk. This is it I thought, she's getting the gun.

Instead the lady pulled out a big suitcase. She set it on the ground then closed the trunk. She opened the suitcase and pulled out a smaller woman's case (whatever you call them). She set it on the trunk. She reached in the case and pulled out a box.

I kept thinking that if she ever needed the gun she would never be able to get to it in time. Finally, the woman sets the box on the trunk and opens it. She reaches in and pulls something out. The gun, I was sure of it.

As she walked up, I asked if she would rather I take care of the rabbit. She said no, that was OK, she knew what she was doing.

I took my sister up front and tried to shield her from the blast that we were sure to hear any second. My sister started crying again. I felt like such a putz. My sister needed me and I didn't know how to comfort her. And I kept cringing waiting for the blast.

Instead, I hear a hissing noise. I look over and the woman is kneeling over the rabbit/bunny with a spray can in her hand.

I'm totally dumbfounded. I start to ask her what she is doing when my sister walks up next to me. I put my arm around sis and start to ask the lady what she is doing again.

The woman starts to explain when, all of the sudden, the rabbit/bunny jumps up and hops about 10 feet. He stops, I think he's going to keel over, but instead he turns around raises a paw in the air and begins shaking it.

Once again speechless, my jaw hanging at the ground I try to find the words to ask, "Lady, what did you do?"

The rabbit/bunny hops another 10 feet. Stops, turns around to face us and shakes it's paw in the air.


This continues for several minutes. The three of us, me, my sister Ginny and this strange lady stand together watching as the rabbit bunny continues forward stopping every ten feet to turn around and shake his right paw at us.

Finally, after the rabbit bunny stops one final time on top of a hill with the full moon at his back shaking his paw in the air, I find the words.

"Lady, what did you do?"

She says "I'm a beautician."

I say, "So?"

She say's, "That was hair restorer with a permanent wave."


OK, how many of you thought it was really a true story? LOL!

Note: The funny thing is, when I wrote this and sent it out, my sister read it. She called me laughing hysterically. She had read two-thirds of the way through ... thinking.. why can't I remember this ... why can't I remember this ... and it was not until the final paragraphs that my own sister realized I made the whole thing up ... he he he.... I wish I could have seen her face...


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