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stories about heroes Everyone expected him to stop at any moment, but he kept going. Closer and closer he got to the dragon's cave. A few of the kinder souls began telling him it was all right to turn back now, that he had proven his bravery, but the little bear just kept moving towards the dragon's lair.
stories about heroes It was time for the Ribbon Lady to get up. She didn't want to. She just wanted to lay in bed and hide from the pain. But reality arrived with the morning sunshine and her first thoughts, as always, were for her daughter, who had disappeared forty years ago today.
stories about heroes That crazy old lady! I can't believe she is doing this to herself. I can't believe she is doing this to me. I should have had her committed. But no, I had to play the role of a good son and simply try to talk her out of it. Mother! Mother !!!! Mother what are you doing?
stories about heroes It was time to end it. It was time to stop the laughter and the secret knowing smiles. Today was the last straw. It was not just the usual office laughter, not just smug office humor or questions like, "Hey, Mr. Amateur Detective, did you solve the world's greatest mystery yet?" No, today they had gone too far.
stories about heroes The chair, it was her constant companion. A constant reminder that she would never walk again. How she dreaded having to sit within the steely arms of this prison-on-wheels forever. It would be a lifetime of being different, feeling different, an outsider never being able to participate, a lifetime alone.
stories about heroes "Farewell to Freedom", That's what the hackers of the new age posted on my computer just before the Internet police zapped them out of existence. All those lives lost and for what? Will I be next?
stories about heroes Their names are Henry and Sarah. They have lived long lives. They have loved for a lifetime, and yet have not spoken in many years. Today may indeed be their last chance. Sarah is dying and, with her, so is Henry's heart.
stories about heroes Suddenly I heard myself scream, "Dad, stop the car!" I think I must have scared him, because we left 50 feet of skid marks, most of them on the road. My parents were staring at me anxiously with a look of concern in their eyes wondering if the "geekster" had finally flipped out.
stories about heroes "Lucky? Here Lucky. Where are you, Lucky? Come on boy. Come here, Lucky." People stopped to look at the little boy whose otherwise handsome face was covered with tears, a few offering help and suggestions. One man had seen Lucky run by chasing a squirrel, and another had seen Lucky lapping up water from a puddle, but Lucky was still missing and had been for hours.
stories about heroes One tear.   It was the only tear she had ever seen the quiet boy cry.  His name was Wesley.  He seemed a nice enough boy, but yet a very quiet one.  That one tear would haunt Misty for the rest of her life. 


stories about heroes The strange man is here again. His hands flow almost magically. It's as though he is in another world. Eyes following the teacher's every move, hands moving with a sense of confidence. He comes here every day. He never says a word, but his eyes never stop watching and his hands never stop moving.
  The most amazing man I ever met in my life could not speak a word and yet the magic of his message reached into my heart in a way that no one else ever could. Georgie Devagar touched the people in a way that no one else could ever hope too, and his unspoken words changed our lives forever.
stories about heroes This hair raising story will leave you in stiches
stories about heroes Long ago, before she began to think of herself as 'the lady with the heart of stone', people had called her Rose, or Rosie for short. She never understood that joke. Her name was Rose, but her dad would say, "Her name is Rose, but we call her Rosie for short." All the adults would laugh, but she just didn't get it.
stories about heroes stories about heroes The first time I heard this story I was 7 years old. To this day, I still believe it is the funniest joke I have ever heard. Only mention a hummingbird in public when my family or friends are around and you will get all kinds of strange reactions. Some people will begin leaving for the restrooms, others will beg the teller to please shut up, and the rest of us, we just start laughing.
stories about heroes There's nothing funnier than what happens when Stevie Weevie meets the big bad barracuda in this fun real life adventure. And remember, underwater they can't hear you scream!
stories about heroes This story is dedicated to charity workers around the world. Thank you for all you and for understanding us when sometimes we don't even understand ourselves.

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